Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be still my heart.....

I have loved this piece of furniture from the moment I laid eyes on it.  I knew we could be happy together. 

I instantly pictured it in my life, sharing my space, letting me adore it for the rest of my life. 

The only problem was...I didn't own it.  It wasn't mine.  It was someone else's. 

Oh, but I dreamed about it.  It would fit into my home, assisting in so many ways!  But I instantly thought how it could love our family so well in the area of a coffee bar....another deep love and passion of mine.

And then....one random day, I asked my amazingly talented friend, Jeff, if he thought he could make one.  "Sure, he could try."  We talked about how much money it might be and realized it might cost a couple of hundred dollars worth of wood. 

And for now, that wasn't a possibility.
But God is a God of possibility, isn't He?

Jeff came across some fence wood from a neighboring house.  They were replacing their fence, and there was actually nothing wrong with the old fence. 

So with free wood, Jeff's amazing talent (and many hours!), and his sweet, giving heart....

Isn't it amazing?!  I love it!  I'd marry it, if I could.  :) 

I haven't yet painted it, but how close is THIS to the original picture?!
(My pictures do not even do this fabulousness justice!)

He even put glass in the upper hutch!

AND a light underneath! 
Let me catch my breath....

I wish I'd taken an up close photo of the cute little tray he made, too.  I have the PERFECT spot for it...my coffee table.  And I needed something just like it to go there.  I'll come back to that with pictures later.

Jeff, you are a talented man.
And a dear family friend.
Thank you for your blessing.

And thank you, Colleen, for loaning Jeff's man hours to work on this.
You're both so special!!!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVE it!!

And I agree, Jeff is very talented!

Dont' ya just love it when the Lord knows and see's the desires of our heart and he blesses us!!

How much more does God care about you, and your precious family....and he WILL bless you...and make a way. Look at how he made a way for you to have this beautiful addition to your home!!

Awh...what an amazing God we serve! :-)

Every Day Blessings said...

I love it too! That is a treasure!!!!
God is so good. He has such fun ways to surprise us. Someone might think that wasn't from Him but you and I know that it IS!
Have fun decorating it and I can't wait to see.
And by the way, you should make your friend the best dinner you can afford:)

Colleen said...

Ahhhhh my sweet Kathryn....I glady loaned Jeff to you. To HEAR your shrieks made it all worth it! He made this with TLC! You and your family are so precious to us.

Diana said...

HELLO NEIGHBOR!! I live about 40 mins. north of you! Glad to meet up with you.

What a talented guy. How awesome is that piece of furniture!

Come over with a fav dessert to share! (Might already have one in your archive.)

Blessings to you!!

Charon Benton said...

to ABSOLUTELY DIE for!! I LOVE IT! I'm so jealous...get back you green eyed-monster!! ha-ha...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!