Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Little Guy~

I can't believe it....you are 4.  I remember so clearly the day you were born.  You were a huge baby!  I was in awe...I looked over at you and thought, "he's the size of a kindergartner!  No wonder I have stretch marks down to my toes."

You instantly completed our family.  We are so thankful you were born.

I have to say....I've NEVER met anyone like you.  You have such a distinct, amazing personality.  God took special care to design you, for sure.  He delighted in you, as I do daily. 
You are so fun...and have a huge sense of humor! 
Your faces and expressions entertain us all non-stop. 
You're way too smart for your own good...and even at 4, can size up a room of people and assess the entire situation.  It's really scary! 

Never underestimate a man ~ or toddler ~ who is the strong, silent thinker-type. 
They've got your number!   

My prayer daily is for your heart.  Trust Jesus with all of it.  He will never lead you down the wrong path.  You are truly fearfully and wonderfully made, my little love.  Because of knowing you, my heart will never be the same! 

Enjoy being 4~