Saturday, January 31, 2009


What IS simplicity anyway????

Is it truly shredding away the things in our lives that complicate it? Or is it a state of mind we must embrace when life is complicated?? I wish it were the former, but I am starting to think it might be the latter.

I wish my camera would communicate with my computer...but guess what...they don't. And from what I understand, they never will see eye to eye. That's not good...or my life, if I am going to choose to blog!

In the quest to "simplify" my life, I decided to move my office from one room to another in my house. At the moment, I have STUFF everywhere. Right now it's not simple. It's quite frustrating. But's it our So do I choose a heart of simplicity and embrace it? Or do I scream at my children all day because I can't find the stapler....or my electric bill?

I can't imagine how all that is on my "to-do" list today will get done. If I look at it overall, I begin to hyperventilate! But if I quietly, in my heart, give each item...and each moment... to the Lord, then MAYBE, just maybe, I'll get it all done. But maybe not. How will I choose to respond to that?

Have a wonderful, simple day in the Lord!

Gettin' ready for SuperBowl Sunday!

We had a very full day of activity around here. I would love to show you some pictures of all our activities and home projects, but I'm having a little bit of a compatibility issue between my computer and my camera. So...until then....

Bill and I used to pride ourselves on Blake's ability to do all football signals (correctly!) by the age of 18 months. It actually was quite impressive...and very precious. He was like our little circus monkey and would perform on command. We were so proud!

Now he is 4. I'm afraid that wonderful knowledge didn't stick. Yes, we are grieving. But there is time to prepare him before SuperBowl tomorrow. We'll let you know how it goes. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Beginning.....

I have to start by saying I love blogs.....OTHER PEOPLE'S blogs. Others are witty, creative, organized and always have wonderful, intelligent things to say. I'd LOVE to be one of those people!

I'm also busy. But obviously not too busy, seeing as I always find time to read other people's blogs! So why not take a few moments each day and see if I have anything worthy to contribute to the blog world.

The blog world is fascinating! I'm truly inspired each and every day by their deep walks with God... by their amazing creativity and hearts for their their wonderful inspiration in the world of being a Mommy. I thank all of you who take time to share your lives.

So, I now offer my musings. Not sure if they will inspire, but at least I can release my thoughts to the blog world...maybe something will bounce back!

In all honesty, my life seems CRAZY 99% of the time. Truly. With two energetic toddlers and a highly social husband...not to mention my own desire to constantly be working on SOME project around my house, we're in constant motion.

And still, my heart loves the idea of simplicity...stillness before God....calmness with my children...creating a warm, loving home for my husband and family. So hopefully, writing out the thoughts from my heart will help to create simplicity in my own life...and possibly in someone else's, too.

I look forward to the journey ahead!