Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday Night Fraps!

Last night was my first FRIDAY night to work at Starbuck’s. AND it was my first night to have a “bar” all to myself. I was in charge of cold beverages. Frappuccinos, iced coffees and shaken iced teas. If that was your desire last night at Starbucks, then I was your man…uh…woman.

I stumbled through making my first beverage of the night, only to have it handed right back to me to be re-made. What could possibly be wrong?? Except for my long hair hanging out of the drink, it was most likely a perfect Frappuccino!

Fortunately, I worked with two lovely girls who had to babysit me all night on how drinks were made. They were willing, and always had a smile…that is, until the line became about 15 people deep, with marked cold beverage cups lined up across the counter, waiting to be filled with delicious cold beverages. I would stop one of these ladies racing around making hot beverages and say, “what does this abbreviation on this cup mean? What am I supposed to make?” Meanwhile, people were lined up at the hand-off plane to receive their drinks, again, about 15 people deep.

Let’s just say…I was politely moved out of the way, so the real baristas could work.

Anyway, after a long, successful night of learning, it was time to clean up the store. It closed at 11:00 and we had another 45 minutes of cleaning ahead. I washed dishes, sanitized, re-stocked and even mopped the floor. I almost successfully finished cleaning, that is….until I accidentally dumped the entire industrial-sized wash bucket of nasty, dirty water back onto the clean floor. Everyone had to stop what THEY were doing to help “the newbie” mop up the dirty lake in the store.

I fall into bed at 1:15 am. I woke up to precious, happy kids this morning at 7:00. Tired. But Braden reminded me this morning why I am doing this…and it’s all back into perspective.

Blake had another opinion….oh well, you can’t win them all!

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