Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Kathryn.....

Well, I've gone back to work.

Bill and I decided that we need to wrap up our debt, once and for all...and send it on it's weight-bearing way! The boys are now a little older. I've been blessed not to have to work outside of the home. But the flip-side of that, is that the paying off of debt has not gone as quickly as we would have liked.

During our 4-year pay-off period so far, with me not working outside the home, we decided to add to the mix things like...having another baby, buying a house and a career change for Bill.

But now it's time to wrap it up. So I went back to work....

You are now looking at (or would be, if you were here) the newest Starbucks barista in Richardson. Ta da!

We decided this was the most perfect solution. Work part time. Get FULL family benefits. The kids would not have to be in additional childcare at all.

So, in theory, my going back to work sounded like the most perfect solution.
Reality is sometimes quite different than theory.

I started work this week. I am still in training. So I've really been processing WHAT to write about it. It's been an interesting journey already.

These are the 3 things I've learned in my first week:
(1) I can choose my attitude.
I may not WANT to work outside the home, but because we've chosen to do it, I can make the best of it...or I can make everyone in my home "pay for it" as I play the martyred MOM.
(2) Fancy coffee is harder to make than you would think.
Enough said.
(3) A smile....and of course a cup of coffee...can completely change someone's countenance immediately!

I'm really very excited to see what God does with all of this.
I have been in such a wonderful "baby bubble", if you will...but a bubble nonetheless. It is nice to get out and interact with big people...as Kathryn...not as Mom.

There should be lots of S-adventures ahead! I'll keep you posted.

But until that time....may I get you a 1/2 caff. 2 pump extra foam extra hot Vanilla latte??

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