Friday, July 24, 2009

$20 update~

Remember this post? I wanted to give you an update on how the week went. We actually did it! We spent $19.63 on groceries this week! ($6.99 at Costco for a 3-pack of soymilk and $12.64 at Sprouts for fresh fruits and vegetables).

We made it work by living out of the pantry and freezer. I've been working for a few months now to plan our food well, so that we have excess to freeze for later. And you'd be surprised how much stuff is lurking in your pantry that you will tend to pass over because there are better options. Also, we were blessed to have 18 eggs thrown our way (well, not thrown) last Saturday.

Granted, we ran out of orange juice and eggs by Wednesday, but we improvised and barely felt it.

Amazingly, here it is Friday (our last day, since I shop on Saturdays) and I still have a frig FULL of food. It may not be the healthiest, but my sweet friend, Colleen, brought by 3 large pizzas and 4 dozen buffalo wings last night, left over from an event she worked for Dominos pizza. That should be able to fill my kiddos and husband up while I am gone for the weekend!

So, thank you for those who encouraged us and cheered us on. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I plan to incorporate more of those shopping weeks between now and Christmas. Just THAT little savings could pay for our entire Christmas...and then some.

On another, more serious note.....

PLEASE, please, please...take the time to head over to Nesting Place TODAY....right now. She tells of a lovely, Godly family that needs our prayers. I WILL be praying for their sweet daughter, Kate. I hope you, too, want to be a part of what God is doing here.

Have a blessed weekend! I'll be back on Monday.....


Every Day Blessings said...

I was thinking about this challenge all week and how one would do it. Looks like you made it. I am going to try to do something similar but not 20$, I have teenagers. But I know there is a way to do better. Thanks for the inspiration.

Every Day Blessings said...

Today I found an article in Womans day magazine, you can see it on their website. "Feed your family for $99 a week" I am exploring this list. I think I can do better.
Go check it out.