Monday, July 20, 2009

Changed forever

This great little book called Fields of the Fatherless was introduced to me by my friend, Renee. I think it was totally a “God thing”. Eye-opening. Powerful. A peek into God’s heart in regards to the “unloved”.

I was interested in reading this book because my husband and I have an interest in possibly adopting a baby down the line. We both thought it sounded cool…and would be fun to have a baby in the house again. And why not help someone in the process, right? But I have to admit, I didn’t think much deeper than that.

And I knew it. I knew I really didn’t understand the heart of God in the matter. I really wasn’t aware of HIS thoughts. So I asked him to show me.

Boy, did he?! And then some.

I am forever changed. I wish I could encapsulate the actual “feelings” I had while reading this book. I know it’s similar to right after you watch an impactful movie, you feel changed and ready to do something about your changed heart. That is how I felt while reading this book and immediately afterwards. I may not still have the “camp experience high” about the topic now, but I have new information. I have a new mindset. I cannot see God…and loving others…the same.

One thing I did not expect to receive from this book was just awareness of all kinds of “fatherless”, not just orphans. My heart breaks for my grandmother now. It mainly breaks due to my own guilt about not “seeing her” with the right heart…not loving her well…not spending time with her. She is still here on this earth. At least in body…mind, not so much. There is still time for me to love her and to let her know she is loved. I thank God that he helped me see these last days with her in his light.

God, please continue to shine your light on people I need to love. I want to be your hands and your feet. Help me to not be so absorbed in my own stuff, but to take time to love others…and please your heart above all.

I challenge you to open this short easy read and see what God says to your heart. I dare ya.

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Just a little something from Judy said...

Good morning! I just discovered your blog from your comment on Stacey's blog, and I am so happy I did. I can't wait to buy this book and read it. I love opportunities to see more deeply into God's great big heart of love for His children. This post was so well done. I appreciate your heart and your love for life. I will be back.