Friday, July 17, 2009

OPJ…Other people’s Junk

I love other people’s junk! What does that make me?...A junkie?

I just took an old screen door out of the pile of bulk trash sitting in front of my neighbor’s house last week. It doesn’t fit anything at my house and I have no idea what I will do with it. But that is the beauty…I WILL find something! That’s probably why I have become so fond of Funky Junk Interiors. Go check it out.

I am starting to get addicted to Craigs List. I think it so much fun to see what bargains are out there. Today I went to go pick up 23 Mason Jars, of varying sizes, for $15. I like to use them for homemade jellies, taking soup or salad dressings with meals to others, making homemade buttermilk, for drinking out of, and of course, decorating. Candles and flowers look great in them! I suppose you could also use them for collecting things, like Wendy at Shabby Nest mentioned here. My goal is to learn to can and preserve more by next year, so the more jars, the merrier.

What junk do you have that you can repurpose in your house?
Or better yet…what junk do you have that I may want? :)


Lynn said...

I agree, Kathryn, Craigs List is lots of fun. One of my husband's hobbies is building/tending fish ponds in the back yard, and this year he had so many extra fish and extra pond plants that he sold them on Craigs List. It was interesting to meet the people who came to get them. It sounds like you got a great deal on those Mason jars. Hope you have a good time with them :)

An Accomplished Woman said...


I would love to see some of your projects... Email me. I have a question for you.