Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty training....

I’m sorry, this will be the death of me. Literally, my 3 year old needs to learn to do this before I die. I know…he most likely will not go to college with this malfunction. If he does, I truly will call it quits.

I am currently in this tension between “control” (his and mine), will, obedience, anger (mine) and grace. I know this is an over-spiritual way to look at poop, but how would Jesus act in my situation? Seriously. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the Bible.

So, I just have to ask him to help me know the right way to behave and respond…and to have patience only he can supply. If you have any tips for me, I’ll gladly seek any wise counsel on this stinky topic.

On a sweeter smelling note, go read this fabulous post today by Ruthie at Sugar Pie Farmhouse. It will get your mind right and your perspective clear. I obviously need to go there again right now.

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