Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~How lovely...~

I don't know about you...but sometimes God just has to whack me over the head to get my attention.  How unfortunate for me, right?  You would think I would've learned by now to listen daily and closely, so as to spare myself much anxiety.  Oh stubborness keeps me learning and growing, I suppose. 

I went to a luncheon with my Mom as her guest recently.  At the end of the luncheon, there was a random drawing (which I am fully convinced there is no such thing as random) and I won!  What fun.  What had I won??  Glad you asked.  This book:

How nice.  I really like Beth Moore.  I like her heart and of course, her love for the Lord.  But one more book to read?  Seriously.  I barely have time to bathe.  By God's grand providence, I opened it one day and began to read.  I wish I could say that God whacked me over the head with the turning of each page.  Nope.  

I read...and read...and read.  Beth had some interesting little points.  And of course, I was learning nuggets about my insecurities.  But for the most part, I felt I was so blessed to be a fairly confident woman.  How lucky.  

Slowly, God began to uncover my tightly closed eyes.  I began to really SEE areas in my life that I am  insecure.  Now, I understand that all women struggle, to some degree or another.  And fortunately, mine are not blatantly screaming insecurities...or an out-of-control daily struggle.  They are more hidden.  But still as serious.  

But thank GOD I don't struggle ~ at all ~ with being insecure with my man.  (Ahem) 

Last weekend, my husband's work sent us on an all-expense PLUSH weekend in Savannah, GA.  It was wonderful...and such a sweet time with Bill.  No kids.  (Hallelujah!)  At this work weekend, we met 30 or so couples from around the United States who do similar work.  We met some wonderful people.  

We also met her. 

  • Now, I'm tall and blonde...and feel I can generally "hold my own" in a crowd.  So is she ~ taller, blonder (no, not really) and can "own the crowd". 

  • I run.  I mean, I got up each day in Savannah and went for a run.  She's a marathoner. 

  • I have a home based business.  She is a corporate company owner.  (Uh, hello....getting the picture? Shall I go on???) 

  • I have a general appreciate for sports.  She has an unrealistic love and craziness for sports.  This led into in-depth conversations and much fist-pumping with my sports crazed husband.  (I mean, really?!) 

  • And let's not get into what that girl can do to a swimsuit.....
So what's my point?  WHAM!  God brought me face-to-face with my total insecurity! There is no denying now that I have the ability to struggle.  

We all do.  It's life.  But I am thankful for God's whammies!  I am thankful He doesn't leave me stuck.  I am thankful for Beth Moore's obedience to write this book.  It speaks to my heart.  

We are all so precious to our Father.  Only in Him can we be fully secure.  I don't have time to go into her whole book and the practicalities of how to make that happen in our lives (that's why she has 18 chapters to do that).  But this verse meant so much to me this very morning when reading her book.  I've never seen it quite in this light:  

 How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty!  Ps. 84:1

If we are truly indwelt by Him, his Word says "we are lovely".  I don't know about you, but I love that. 

I encourage you to add this book to your reading list.  It might just be worth your time.  Or you may get whammied.   (Enjoy!) 


Connie :) said...

W.O.W. (Okay, so I totally over-use that word.) Love that Beth. Love how God speaks Truth thru her directly into our lives! Love your courage to share so honestly and openly ... and the gift of words the Lord has blessed you with ... bless me with every writing!! Love ya, sis :)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You are so stinkin' funny!!

First, I'm SO glad you wont he book. Second..I LOVE your humor about your man..and ...and..that woman! lol

I have her book on my list to get!!

Thanks so much for sharing today.

Blessings to you...and, I'm so glad you had a weekend away! You deserve it.

Kim~ :-)

Stacey said...

Well said!!!! Thanks for sharing. I also really appreciate your openness and honesty.

That verse...simply wonderful! God has been saying that to me in many different ways lately. I too am dense. I feel He is whacking me over the head in this area. I think I am finally listening.

Love the Decor! said...

Thank you Kathyrn I bought the book months ago and still have not picked it up!! Thanks for encouraging me to read it!! You crack me up...You are beautiful and have nothing to worry about Your hubby is a blessed man and I'm sure he knows it too!!

Laura said...

I'm in the 'have to get whacked on the head' club.
In fact, lately I have even felt some uncomfortable insecurities about my blog.

That was unexpected.
So I am praying to let that go.
I enjoyed visiting so much,
White Spray Paint

Every Day Blessings said...

Good look into the book. I have been wanting to read it.Thanks for the honesty and what to expect, I think we ALL feel like that at times.
glad you were able to get away with your husband.Such a wonderful blessing!

Gale said...

Thank you for this wonderful post.

I'm thankful for my insecurities because they helped bring me to Him.