Sunday, January 3, 2010

These thoughts....

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog!  It's such an outlet for me.  I am blessed if you read it.  I am thankful, if you walk away with any nugget of information or encouragement.  I have enjoyed "getting to know" some sweet people I wouldn't have otherwise known.

And I love your comments!  Please keep them coming.  That's one of the ways I know you are reading it.  Another way I know people are reading is for you to "sign up" as a "follower".  This helps me know that my time invested in this means something.  My "following" numbers are low, but DAILY I have others respond to me by e-mail or in conversations about something you read.  I'd love to know you are out there!  :)  Or another easy way to let me know you "stopped by", is to sign up on the Blog Frog in the right margin. 

Yes, this blog is an outlet for me.  But I also am constantly soul searching my way through it.  Do I need to change it?  Do I need to have a more focused topical blog?  Do I need to just keep it little bitty and make it be a "what's happening in our family" blog, so relatives and friends can keep up with our lives?

Then I ask...what does GOD want with this blog?  So...I am searching.  I will continue.  And I will work on it...and improve it.  If I know you are interested.  I will actually invest energy...and decide what direction I should take it in for twenty ten.

Please let me know if you are enjoying it!  That helps me know how to proceed.

Thanks!  Happy 3rd day of this New Year....

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