Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Resolutions

I told you I'm a New Year's Resolution maker.  I thought I'd take a few of them and share them with you in the next few days.  I'd love to let you know what God has laid on our hearts around here for twenty ten.  Maybe I'm telling you so you can offer some encouragement...or maybe because if I speak the words out loud in writing, then I have to follow through.  :)  Either way, thanks for letting me share. 

In two thousand nine, Crystal offered much inspiration to me in the ways of frugal living.  I'm so thankful I found her blog! She has been a true blessing. In this post, she talked about how she and her husband saved up cash to buy their first house this next year.  She started out 2009 with 33% saved.  And ended the year with 100% saved.  Amazing!  So she inspired me and got me to thinking....

It's been awhile since I posted about our debt payoff journey.  The last time I posted (in June), we were at 64% to our goal.  Since that time, we have had some major set-backs financially.  My husband's job became 100% full-commission, as he is trying to build a business in a recession.  That scared me.  But it didn't scare God.  It didn't even make Him flinch. 

I could recount time after time of God's faithfulness to our family during the past several months.  No, we haven't received an official paycheck since September, but we've not missed one payment thus far, not put anything on a credit card, not missed a meal and had a beautiful, sweet Christmas.  God is so faithful! 

And looking back, it is amazing.  Since the last post, we have even moved from 64% to 74% of our goal!  How is that even possible?!  God is so good. 

So...the number one resolution in this house for this year is:  DEBT PAYOFF
This is it.  There is a line drawn in the sand. 

My personal theme for this year as well is SIMPLIFY.  This should be easy in the realm of our financial goals.  Life can't get too complicated and busy when you have to say "NO" a lot.  We will have one more year of participating in less, so we can walk out of twenty ten debt free, by the grace of God!

In future posts, I will share with you some of the ways we plan to make that happen this year.  I also eagerly anticipate God showing up~again~in big and small ways.

Do you have any goals this next year relating to finances in particular?

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