Friday, June 19, 2009

This month's financial progress report

I finally got my numbers together to give you this month's progress report. In last month's report , we were 59% to our goal. I told you in this post that I didn't think we had done so well this month, with all the additional "summer expenses" we took on. I'm here to report that God is a good and faithful God! We are now at 64% to our goal!

I also told you in this post that we were planning to participate in the No Spend Month Challenge in the month of July. After evaluating all the traveling we will be doing in that month, we decided that is not feasible for us to do for that month. So, my goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of money I am spending in groceries and personal/household categories in our budget for the remainder of the summer. We'll see what we can do with that...I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully we can have a No Spend Month another time. I'd aim for August, but with "back to school", there are certain to be expenses along with that.

So, we continue...with hearts and eyes upward...moving forward. Even if we're crawling.

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Every Day Blessings said...

We are wanting to give this a try. I know that in the summer it is hard because of all the travel. but I am trying to shop the pantry and eat at home more. Keep up the hard work , it will pay off.