Thursday, June 4, 2009

The FIRST "official" day of summer vacation

Official=no school, no end-of-school parties or presentations...and the pool is open!

Here's how this day went:

7:15 am -- Kid "A" (name withheld to protect the "innocent") spills coffee onto his Bible, my paperwork, down the kitchen cabinets, all over the floor.

7:16 am -- Mom cleans it up.

7:18 am -- Mom feels a trickle of liquid on my foot, wondering what that could be, seeing as said coffee has been cleaned up. Mom discovers that Kid "B" (who is supposedly recently fully potty-trained, and of course, whose name is withheld to protect his "innocence"), has tee-teed on himself, the bar stool his bottom is planted on, Mom's floor and Mom's foot.

7:19 am -- Mom cleans it up.

7:25 am -- Temper tantrum #1 for the day occurs. Nameless child wants Mom's homemade cereal for breakfast, but Mom has just prepared some applesauce bread and cut-up fruit. Said child and Mom disagree on the menu. (Mom wins, by the way...but who is keeping score?!)

9:00 am -- Mom puts a check in an envelope for the yard guys coming to the house today to mow the lawn. While licking the envelope to seal it, Mom's tongue is sliced. Paper cut from hades.

9:20 am--While exiting the car to go to the gym, Mom gently opens the door to let Nameless child out. Nameless child proceeds to push the door open more forcefully, slamming the car door into unknown person's BRAND NEW black, beautiful car parked next to ours. Of course, leaving a nice souvenir.

11:30 am-- Temper tantrum #2 for the day occurs. The same nameless child who threw the first temper tantrum of the day decides to throw another one. I can't even remember what it was about. (And I can't even remember who won this one!)

5:00 pm-- Temper tantrum #3 for the day occurs. The SAME nameless child who threw temper tantrums #1 and #2, throws another one...larger than the first two. Said child does NOT want to leave the pool. (Mommy is beginning to

5:20 pm -- Temper tantrum #3 finally ceases.

7:00 pm -- Nameless child "B" (mind you, the newly potty-trained one), poops in his 'big-boy' pants. Mom is happy....NOT.

7:10 pm -- Nameless child "B" crushes his cupcake into a that a zillion...little, tiny, annoying pieces on the kitchen counter. And then he decides to rub his hands quickly across the counter to see the crumbs fly.

7:10 pm -- Mom leaves the house. (Nameless kids are in Dad's care...Mom didn't abandon them :)

9:15 pm -- Mom returns home. Mom kisses my unbelievably precious, Nameless kids, while they sleep soundly and sweetly in their beds.

We'll do it all again tomorrow...hopefully yielding different results.
Happy Summer-ing to you!

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Colleen said...

These nameless kids would NEVER throw tantrums!!!!!!