Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night we had a huge storm blow in. High winds. Dark clouds. Fierce rain. Lightning. Thunder. City sirens going off. The whole 9 yards!

So I threw (almost literally) my 3 and 4-year-olds into the bathtub around 7:00 pm. They were coated in dirt and needed a quick bath. All of sudden, lights out. Pitch black.

Feeling my way around, we found one working flashlight (after handling 3 or 4 unworking ones....note to self....get some batteries).

We proceeded to get jammies on the little guys, grab the dog, some pillows, a blanket and our one flashlight and climb into the closet in my son's room. As we listened to the city sirens, we sat there singing Jesus Loves Me, the ABC song, and whatever else came to mind. We prayed for Daddy's safety and waited for him to get home. And we had no idea what was really going on outside, since we had no power and couldn't watch the weather. Was there a tornado? Was it just a big storm?

All I know is that my kids had a ball! How fun is hanging out in the closet, in the dark, with the family dog and a flashlight?! Not an everyday activity, I assure you.

As the evening progressed, Daddy made it home safely. We finally got the boys to sleep. We all slept in one big sweaty pile in Mom and Dad's bed. Actually, Dad slept on the couch in his own sweat. The boys tossed and turned all night from the sticky heat on our t-shirt sheets (yuck!) I tried not to worry all night about the food in my frig and two outside freezers.

The power (and thus, the air conditioner, hallelujah!) finally kicked on about 5:15 am. NOW the sound sleep can begin!!! :)

We're now home, sitting in the house, watching the pouring rain happen outside (still), wondering if swim lessons is canceled in an hour and a half. (Mommy hopes so!) But my 4-year-old keeps opening the back sliding door, yelling at the "stinky rain" for messing up his morning plans. Hey, I like a kid who can express himself.

Have a great day! We'll be cozied up at home most of the day.

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