Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm more than inspired, Wendy!

OK, normally I would try to think of something brilliant to write about on my own. But today...I am enamoured. I am coveting. I am downright awestruck, really.

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs. Wendy, over at The Shabby Nest, posted these pictures from Country Living today of this incredibly fabulous farmhouse, for her Inspire-Me Tuesday post. I'm sorry...I want this. I almost NEED this. (Ok, that may be a little strong....)

I'm not sure this is your style. But I hope you enjoy looking. Or at least you get a glimpse into the dreams in my head.
This house, is exactly what I dream about.

This kitchen....I love. The beaded board. The glass cabinet doors. The little desk. The chippy paint on the chairs. The farmhouse sink. I could go on.....

I love this piece of furniture! I almost want to marry it.

This sweet bedroom.....the beaded board...the iron bed...the sweet quilt....how dreamy.

This fabulous built-in.
I love this fold-down table and the white on white.
Thank you for indulging my illness. Now pray for my forgiveness.

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