Thursday, April 23, 2009


Obviously, by the name of this blog, I’m truly interested in living a more simple life. In previous posts, and always in my head, I’ve tried to examine what simplicity IS in 2009. Life is busy. Technical. Fast. Activity-ridden.

I really enjoyed reading Tuesday’s post over at New Every Morning. She spoke what is always on my heart. Slow down. ENJOY life. Play. Simply.

Somehow, I’ve always associated living in the country with simple life. I suppose in some ways that may be true. But oh no…I live in the city…so what now?

This is where I am today on the subject:

Living simply is NOT:
about activity.
keeping up.
doing more and more and more.
having the most well-behaved children, who are involved in everything.
having a model home.
the exhaustion of keeping up appearances.
living beyond your means.
not about WHERE you live.
not even about having a well-read blog (although that would be fun!).

Living simply IS:
about HOW you live.
about relationship.
about being intentional with life.
about being mindful of people.
about loving.
about giving to others.
about sharing your true, authentic heart.
about protecting yourself from getting caught up in the 2009 current of life.
about enjoying the food on your fork, slowly.
about smiling patiently at your 2-year-old who is determined to buckle his own seat belt.
about being content with the blessings you are given.

It’s about daily giving it all to the One who gave it in the first place..and owns it all anyway.

I’ve said before…it’s a state of mind and attitude. I believe that. But now I also believe it requires mindful attention to maintain it.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on what it means to have a simple life in today’s world. Leave a comment, if you’d like. But also enjoy your day. Breathe...and count your blessings!


Colleen said...

My simple life looks like this: Loving well and being loved at all costs.

Sandy said...

Thanks for visiting me today. I loved what you said about enjoying the food on your fork, slowly. That and great friends around the table!