Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Figuring out gender differences....and the perceptions of others!

My four-year-old's teacher in school sent home a notice that kids could bring a video from home to share with the other kids during nap time. While leaving the house today, here is my conversation with Blake....

B: "Can I take this movie?" (holding up THE SUPER POWERS TEAM: Galactic Guardians)

Me: (Realizing that his teacher at his Christian school would probably think I am a terrible mother for letting my 4-yr-old watch such "violent" cartoons, with cartoons entitled things like THE SEEDS OF DOOM or THE DARKSEID DECEPTION or even, God forbid, THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN!) "No, the girls in your class wouldn't like that one".

B: "Can I take The Incredibles then?"

Me: (Thinking "Now THAT's more like it, even though it is still Super-Power-ish, it's more 4-yr-old appropriate...I wouldn't be considered THAT bad of a Mom) "Sure"

B: "Why wouldn't the girls like the Super Friends?"

Me: "Well, I think they'll like The Incredibles more because it has girls in it (staying one step ahead, I quickly remember Wonder Woman is in the Super Friends, so I add...) and a baby in it."

B: "So the SuperPowers is too grown up for the girls?"

Me: "Yes."

B: Thinking for a minute. "Oohhh Mommy, but I KNOW the girls will LOVE the big spider in The Incredibles!!!"

Me: "Yes they will, Baby"

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