Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Dave Ramsey series!

As you know, as a family we are working hard to get out of debt. We have been living on a budget and free of credit cards for almost 4 years now. By the grace of God, we're getting closer each day!

We have followed Dave Ramsey's plan and it has worked beautifully. We are always encouraged by him and inspired to keep on keepin' on!

He recently did a three-part series of messages at which is available to watch free online here. It's like a mini-version of his Total Money Makeover Live Event, with his session on Giving, from Financial Peace University, thrown in as well. If you've not listened to him before, I encourage you to take some time and go watch this three-part series. You just might get a little motivated, encouraged or hopeful!

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An Accomplished Woman said...

We have been working so hard to be debt free for almost a year. Love your post.