Thursday, April 2, 2009

Connection over coffee

I had the absolute PLEASURE of having coffee with a friend of mine this morning, whom I haven't seen since my wedding almost 7 years ago! She and her family lived across the street from me when I was growing up. Now, many years later, we connected again and met for coffee.

What an amazing "God thing" it was!
It's really fun to see God connect people, at just the right time.

We are two women who each:
(1)Love the Lord
(2)Want to serve him wholeheartedly
(3)Are both praying fiercely for something we know only God can provide
My prayer: Release from burdensome debt! God has immensely blessed her family in financial ways. Her story is amazing! God intervened in a rare and mighty way to help them out of a financial crisis. It happened in the blink of an eye! Something I haved dreamed about and can only hope and pray for. And something I can very easily be jealous of, if I'm not careful.
Her prayer: A child. God has richly blessed my family with two gorgeous boys. My story may not be magificent, but my children are God's gifts. She has been unable to conceive. I have something that she dreams about and hopes and prays for. And something she can very easily be jealous of, if she's not careful.

I wonder why God has reconnected us for such a time as this? Perhaps we can understand the depth of each other's longings. Maybe we can show compassion at a level others may not understand. Or maybe we can be a reminder to the other of God's blessings that are so easily taken for granted.

Whatever the reason may be...and I trust Him that there is one... I'm sure it will be something that teaches us more about Him. And I thank Him for the gift of friendship.

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