Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomato Talk that's not a picture of MY tomatoes, but it hopefully will be soon. Don't they look yummy and perfect?

I am obviously such a novice gardner. Clueless actually. But I so want to be a great one. I am experimenting with tomatoes right now. And having a ball (no pun intended).

I bought these two little tiny 5-inch cherry tomato plants at Home Depot about 5 weeks ago and put them into these huge pots. They grew and grew and grew very quickly. It was so fun to watch. (Again, proof that I am either a total novice...or a nerd)

Then here's what happened soon:
Then a couple of short weeks later, this:
I know, I know...I'm excited beyond belief about the smallest things. It's ridiculous.
If you have any helpful hints for me, like "how do I properly prune them?" or "do I even need to prune them?" or "when do I pick the tomatoes?", that would be great.
Please pardon the overusage of video. I now have a blog...and no camera. It broke. And since I'm paying off debt and not spending money, I have to make due. I suppose if I don't add something other than my rambling words, even my own mom will get bored.

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