Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garage sale finds

Today was the day we had a garage sale with three other families. After buying all that I bought from them, we only made about $60. Obviously, we could've made more, had I not been shopping. Oops, I know that's not part of Dave Ramsey's plan...

I'll show you quick videos of my finds, if you're interested (again, remember we don't have a working camera...I promise they are short!)

Did you find any treasures out there today?


Lynn said...

Your videos are adorable, Kathryn! I'm impressed that you know how to do this and get them on your blog. And it's so fun to actually hear your voice! Imagine, there are real people behind these blogs!!

Not to mention -- you got some great bargains, girl. Love the coffee table. The baskets. The shoes and cool belt buckles. You win the good shopper award for the week :)

Connie :) said...

Well, they're not the Ruby Slippers (LOL!!! :) but they are cute, cute, cute!! Love all the videos - this is such fun! Love you!!!