Friday, May 8, 2009

Few words

I just haven't had much to say lately.

My focus has been here:
And here:

And most definitely here:

(nothing sexier than a man in the Word!)
I know I talk a lot about having a simple life. Or at least the desire to have one. So THAT is where I am focused. I've really tried hard lately to evaluate HOW that can play out in my life.
This is a couple of ways I've come up with:
(1)We, at home, are getting organized and cleaning out. We don't want unnecessary clutter to crowd our lives or our limited space together.
(2) As a family, our focus is getting out of debt. Being motivated by April at Coal Creek Farm, I will start chronicling those adventures. There are plenty! I may even start keeping you abreast of our monthly progress. You never depends on how transparent I feel on any given day! :) This is honestly a full-time job! It demands our constant attention.
Debt payoff has been an interesting journey. Simplicity and frugality don't always tie in together. For example, it's not necessarily more simple to make foods from scratch, but it's definitely more healthy and more frugal. But then, on the other hand, making foods from scratch represents a simpler time in the world. Interesting, huh? (No wonder the concept of "simplicity" is so hard to wrap my mind around!)
(3) But mainly, we are just spending time together. Focused time.
And we're enjoying the people outside our family that God has given us in friendship.
Have a great weekend. Come back on Sunday, so I can introduce you to the most wonderful and infuential woman in my life!

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