Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Others along the journey

I know, I know...I'm supposed to stay away....far, far away....until I get all my organizing/cleaning done.

I have to tell you. If I stayed away until it was all completely done, my cold dead fingers wouldn't be touching a computer screen ever again! So there. I'm back.

But I did get quite a bit done. My bedroom doesn't look like it vomited clothes, books, paperwork and kids toys anymore. I could actually make my way to the bathroom last night without falling.

But anyway, to the purpose of this post...As you know we have been trying to pay off debt, using the Dave Ramsey plan. I've written about it really very little...and when I have, it's mostly been serious. But...if you want to be completely entertained by someone else going through this process, you MUST go read April's accounts at Coal Creek Farm. Click on "Our Gettin' Outta Debt" Stories, on the right hand side of her home page. I assure you....she will make you tinkle in your britches (if you in any way can relate to the paying off of debt)! She is funny and very entertaining!

Now, I'm off to go to the gym. ...Now THAT's funny!

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