Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Head and House Clutter

I love cruising blogs! In fact...it's become almost an obsession.

I love the fabulous recipes; the remarkable ideas; the incredible thoughts of like-minded women; the genious thoughts of women way smarter than me; the energy and the wonder of new ideas available on ANY subject. It's an incredible world out there. For THOSE reasons, I am thankful for the Internet.

But there's another side of that coin....
As I peruse the blogs, I also begin to feel increasingly inadequate at times. Now, I KNOW that's about me...and my need to be SuperWife, SuperMom, SuperHost and SuperFriend all rolled into one. I have even begin to feel that I need to become a SuperBlogger (which is hilarious to me! It started as a fun outlet for me, and is evolving in my head to monster status!)

One of the fun things floating around out there in blogland right now are the many fabulous Spring Cleaning groups to join. There are groups that are doing it together. They are motivating each other and helping to put order to the chaos that cleaning out may bring temporarily. How great is that? BUT, there are also, many fabulous "Mother's Day" gift making ideas; Cinco de Mayo menu ideas; money saving blogs, etc., etc,etc.....AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's cluttering my head! I want to do all of it!!!

I'm composed now....
I want to enjoy the blessings of all that is provided in cyberworld. But I have work to do, people! Uninterrupted cleaning up, cleaning out and organizing of my own. It's all driving me crazy..and has been for some time now. I have miles and miles of piles. (well, not literally, thank God)

I know me. If I don't turn off the computer and step away, it won't get done. It will continue to pile up and pile up. And then I'll continue cruising the blogs, adding to my "I want to do" list, and never get anything done.

So....I will step away for a couple of days. I will miss you. But I'll be back soon. And hopefully, with a more simple approach to my very full life.

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