Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We just rolled in late last night. It feels so good to be home!

Our 11-hour journey coming home yesterday wasn't as "Norman Rockwell" as the journey there, but we made it safely and relatively sanely. Truly, I'd have to say that my boys did incredibly well seeing as they had to remain strapped in a car seat for hours upon hours. Can't you remember the days when we used to lay sprawled out across a seat to sleep...or jump from the front to the back seat and back again when we needed to get some energy released? It used to be easier for sure....but much less safe.

So we're home. And the boys start K3 and K4 in 15 days. Unbelievable! This summer has flown by! We are trying to fit in one more trip to see grandparents (without Mom and Dad...which means Mom and Dad will be home alone! Yahoo!) between now and then as well. These would be the Texas grandparents...not out-of-state ones.

So for the next 2 weeks, we must pursue a balance. We have to get ready for school, yes...but we need to enjoy the last few days together before the school routine sets in.

We need to get closets rotated with "new" clothes out of the garage. We have bins and bins of hand-me-downs from cousins and good friends....we are truly blessed. We need to get backpacks and school supplies. We need to set up our school year schedule, in terms of chores and bed times and such, and start getting back on schedule.

BUT, we also need to swim while we can. We need to eat more watermelon while it's available and make more homemade ice cream. We need to play as much as we can while it's still summer.

So we will try to keep it all in balance. We will be intentional about enjoying this sweet season God has given us. And we will thank him for the summer memories when it is over....


An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh yes, I need more balance... We need to eat outside more, grill more, light a few fireworks, chase an ice cream truck and lay on a hammock with nothing to do.

Thanks for reminding me how much i need to stay in the moment.


Every Day Blessings said...

We are headed out of town for our last fling and will try to squeeze in some school clothes shopping. Thank goodness your kids are small enough that you can give them the "new" clothes and they will be happy with that. I remember the day. We will get home on the 12th and then we will start to get ready for school. We get ready by making the girls get up at school time every morning and go to bed earlier. That part is the killer but you do have to get more balance and a schedule is also very nice.
Enjoy! your last few days together.

Libby said...

I love this post because it really truly is all about balance. Summer is slowly winding down...and before we know it...fall will be here. Gotta enjoy thing while they last :)

Lynn said...

I hope you've been able to make the most of these last couple weeks before school, Kathryn. I hope to swim more, enjoy the stars at night, and make chocolate fondue before fall is officially here.