Monday, August 10, 2009


You'll notice it is now dark outside in the video. I'm finally done. You'll also notice I have no words left. I'm exhausted. A third thing you will probably notice is that I need to decorate this room...or do a mistreatment or something. That is for another very long day.

But I want to end my day showing you this:

Here is my little farmboy in the making.

Makes this Mama's heart so proud!


Mrs. Jorgenson said...

"Snappin' beans"--how adorable! :D

And you, my dear, have come such a long way; that is a beautiful laundry room! You should be very proud!

Connie :) said...

Grrrl, GREAT job!! I KNOW how much better you feel inside :) And Mr. Braden? Well, they just don't get cuter than that!! He's doing it with such a glad heart and winning smile, too :)

Every Day Blessings said...

Your baby is too cute. And Go Girl on that Laundry room!I am like you , if its not organized i can't work or get anything done.

Lynn said...

Wow, Kathryn, great job in spiffing up your laundry room/office. You are brave to actually bring in a video camera and pan a room and blog about it; the only photos I take for my blog are still ones, and I have to clear off tables and countertops before taking them -- so you can see the food I'm shooting, and not the day's mail or the library books I'm reading or my son's backpack :)

An Accomplished Woman said...

Okay your son is the most adorable thing ever!!!! He can snap beans for me, anytime.

You are so brave to do your laundry room. I cannot tell you how nauseous I was when I showed the garage. It looks fantastic and how smart are you to work in the laundry room. I would get caught up on my laundry.

Great job and don't you feel better.


Libby said...

Great job! And your son is so adorable!