Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of school

These boys woke up FIRED UP for the first day of school! They're still too young to realize that some kids don't actually want to go to school. They giggled all the way through breakfast and I could barely get any eggs or toast into their little bodies. Then off we went.

We entered into the cafeteria, which is where all the kids gather before their teacher comes to get them. It was so sweet. My 4-year-old's teacher came in...and he ran up to her and gave her a great big hug. Score...starting off right.

Then......"IT" happened.

I went to tell him good-bye, hugged him and asked him for a kiss as I always do. He shyly turned his head away from me and mouthed the words (as if in slow motion), "no, Mom", in a sweet little "I'm-too-cool-don't-embarrass-me-kind-of-way".

WHAT? SERIOUSLY? He's 4!!!!!!! 4!!!!!!!! Small dagger. I knew this day would come. But soon?

We might as well go get his driver's license tomorrow. I need to go cry now.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said... SO make me laugh...not because you are cryin' :-), but because your blog will be sure to provide me MUCH entertainment as I read...and remember those very things happening in my heart and life...of so many years ago when our kids were young.

Hang on changing, but it appears you have a good handle on things. A little humor...a little's ALL good! :-)

Connie :) said...

Oh my, you need a big hug (((((((sweet sister)))))))) !!! YOU CRACK ME UP, tho (sorry) ... your writing is brilliantly honest, sweet, and funny. LOVE YOU!

Libby said...

Awwwww :( That is going to be me soon ;(