Friday, August 7, 2009

Believe it or season is fast approaching

Please don't think my child materialistic...or excessive...think him 4-years-old.

Shopping for Christmas or birthdays to date has been okay, but I never knew what to give him. Unlike other kids, it seemed, he didn't have any strong opinions about what he wanted. It was a shot in the dark. We usually ended up getting him toys that looked fun to us and hoped he thought so too.

I can safely tell you....that is no longer the case. Watch this.

Guess I'd better start shopping (and obviously saving more money!). But truth be's getting more fun!


Sandy said...

Hi Kathryn - you won the journal! Congrats! Can you email me? :)

Libby said...

How cute!! That's something to put in his scrapbook :) I wish my 3 year old would do