Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where the rubber meets the road.....

As I tried to "name this post", I wasn't sure it's best named what I named it...or if I should have named it "Stormy Peace". I don't know. I don't know a lot right now. I'm marinating in it all. And trying to Be Still.

As I said in this post, things with my husband's job were to change. They have. Without going into too much complicated detail, our last guaranteed pay check is September 1st.'s all up to God's sovereignty. It really is.

So it's a little stormy in our lives. But my sweet husband and I both feel abounding peace. Strange, huh? In a weird sort of way, I am almost excited to see what God does.

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where this faith we have is tested. This is where our actions will determine whether we choose to live out that faith. As you know, we have been paying off debt for some time. We will still move forward. But for the immediate, it's not so much about paying off debt as it is about being faithful and frugal and wise with where we are at that particular moment.

This time in our lives is where our children will see. And absorb. And copy. So we pray. And pray. And love each other. And pray some more. And listen carefully.

So what is MY part in this for my family? I'm still obviously trying to figure it out. But this is what I've come up with so far. Besides the above-mentioned activities, I step up my frugality game. I get more creative. I get less-focused on fixing up my old house (for the time being) and get more focused on my family and what's before us. I get intentional about simplifying. And I pray that I do all of this in a gracious way that doesn't cause me to so "inward focus" that I miss opportunities to love others around me.

I'll keep you posted, I'm sure. In the meantime, if you have any wise words for me or my family, I welcome them. Thanks for listening.


Every Day Blessings said...

wow! this is where the rubber meets the road or the test meets the faith or vice versa. I wish I had some wise words to offer but you sound like that you have thought and prayed it through. God has given you a Peace that passes understanding and He will meet all your needs, I believe that. I am sure there will be scary days and very peaceful days.claim a verse from the word, a promise to hold on to and everyday that Satan tries to rob your joy make that your voice.
I will be praying that God has an exciting and wonderful miracle ahead for your sweet family.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh friend~ know that you and your precious family will be MUCH in my thoughts and prayers.

We walked this road on 2006...and God REMAINED faithful.

One thing I began...(and continue to this day) is typing up scripture verses (that applied to our trial) and taped them to all of our bathroom mirrors so each morning, as we were preparing for the day...we were reminded, and could focus on GOD'S PROMISES!!

We also looked REALLY hard at what our expenses were and determined what was a NEED...and what was a WANT. This often isn't easy...BUT...for us, once we were back on sold footing (job wise) we we use to focusing on and praying about needs verses wants, and even to this day..we think twice about our needs.

We've learned to shop at places like GW Boutique, (that's and second hand stores. In fact, today my daughter Ashley (she's 20) and I hit GW Boutique, and a few second hand stores...and she was able to purchase close to $500.00 worth of clothes for $80.00. Of course, Ash is BIG into fashion, so she knows name brands and can hunt and peek for them....and get them for a buy! Of course, we don't buy ICKY stuff...but we've found great clothing, for cheap!

Just a few little tips that we've learned...and through our trial, it even opened the eyes to our children, to learn and see that THINGS aren't the most important things in the world.

And, my hubby and I spent A LOT of time in prayer, and bible study together, purposing NOT to let our new 'now'...divide us! :-)

Hang in there....when God closes a door...he opens a window. :-)

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Kathryn~ I'm a friend of Kim (Seasons of my heart) and am the "Jennifer" listed beside your name. We are in the same job situation and when I wrote about it on my blog - I, too, called it "This is where the rubber meets the road.". It's so true.

I think that the Lord is calling His children to an all or nothing kind of faith. We are either going to live what we believe or we won't. And if we do, then the Lord will instill something precious in our children's lives that will impact the way they live before the Lord - and their children and their children, etc...

I will be praying with you and for you as you depend upon God. One thing our family is doing that has been a tremendous gift from the Lord is that we are all going through Henry Blackaby's Bible Study: Experiencing God. I'm not sure how old your children are, but my husband and I are doing the adult version, and our pre-teens are doing one for their age. We each do our lessons, then we get together several times a week and talk about what we are learning.

We have seen tremendous growth in our own lives and in the lives of our children in their trust in God.

May our Lord hold each of you closely and provide for your family - as He does best!


Kristi said...

I will be praying for you too! May the Lord surround your hearts and your mind with His perfect peace!