Sunday, March 15, 2009

One of God's sweetest ways to bless.....

Friendship. I honestly haven't always known HOW to be a good friend. I've known that I've been blessed to HAVE them. I've got three women in my life now that have been friends since 6th grade (do that math....that's a loooonnnnnggggg time!) And actually, one of them has been my friend since 5 years old!!! They are wonderful, strong, fun women.

But not until as of late have I TRULY seen GOD'S hand in the gift of friendship.

Bill and I, as you know, have been on a journey to pay off debt for about 4 years. Our journey has been SLOW (can I tell you HOW slow????) due to choices we have made. We CHOSE for me to be a MOM, full-time, at home. We chose for Bill to change careers. We chose to have children. We chose to buy a house. Needless to say, we have done things the slow way...but the way we felt was right, at the time.

Now....we're sick and tired of debt! We're mad about it. We're determined. We're hopeful. And for the very first time in my life, I'm truly trusting God to show Himself mighty, bless our efforts and help us to get out of debt by the end of 2009!

With that being said, life is not easy right now. We are working our a_ _ _ s off. We are cutting back on whatever it takes. We're scrutinizing EVERY dime and penny that enters and leaves our possession. We are in a major transition time...temporarily.

My friends have come out of the woodwork with blessings!!!! I have had incredible offers of childcare, so Bill and I could spend some time together, or take care of things we've needed to do. I've had amazing gently-used children's clothing given to us, since my four-year-old's birth. We've had an abundance of meals provided on various occasions, when people just had a heart to other reason. Today, someone told me they had Disney On Ice tickets for my whole family! I can't wait to bless my children with this experience. (Thank you, Colleen) AND...I KNOW we've been covered in prayer by our friends.

You know, I ALWAYS trust God. But sometimes (during the frustrating moments), I doubt He plans for our "debt deliverance" anytime in the near future. These kind gestures of love and friendship reveal to me otherwise. God is fully present....fully aware....and fully loving on me and my entire family, through other people. He WILL get the glory. He WILL grow us up more and more in the meantime.

Honestly, I wouldn't trade these "a-ha" moments. God works in the coolest ways, doesn't He?

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