Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is almost here!

Do you happen to love spring as much as I do?
It’s my most favorite season of the year!

Warm sunshine.
Flowers budding everywhere.
The earth turning green again.
Shorts. Barefeet. Tank tops.

There is nothing like it!
Freedom from cold, brisk weather.
Freedom from coats, gloves, in-door activities.
Even rainy days in Spring are much more enjoyable than in winter.

Colors are brighter.
People are happier.
Energy abounds.
Things seem fresher…newer… alive again.

I’m so excited it’s coming.
God has given us teasing glances into what’s coming, with a few warm sunny days behind us.
But it’s not here yet. Today it’s cold again.
Today I wore my coat and gloves.

But Spring is coming.
Did I mention how excited I am?

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