Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relationships...Connecting...Learning to Love....

I began to think and marvel today at all the different connections of people there are in my life.

Family, immediate and extended.
Close “inner-circle” friends.
General friends.
Work peers.
People I want to get to know.

And then today, I began looking at blog comments I am receiving. I KNOW I’m a baby blogger…and I have a very unsophisticated blog (when compared to the “big blog world”). But I am beginning to see how connections with others through blog posts can be tremendously encouraging and maybe even friendships can be formed down the line.

And then I began to think about how I interact with each of these types of people in my life.

Am I being REAL? Am I connecting at the deepest possible level?

Even when the other person really has nothing in common with me, do they feel loved by me? Do I truly seek to KNOW them as well? Am I entering into their world…and taking advantage of whatever opportunity for love and growth the Lord is giving us both?

To be honest, there are people in my life the Lord has placed there…and I’m not sure why. But my hope and prayer is that I love them well and I don’t miss ANYTHING the Lord has in store.

Think about all your many relationships.

Are YOU keeping it real?

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Colleen said...

I think about my friendships all the time and I am blessed beyond measure to see how God put us together. Keep blogging, sister!